Chewing Gum Chronicles Exhibit transcends age and cultural boundaries, energizing visitors to "view" not chew their way to pure satisfaction. Portable and easy to assemble.
Exhibit contents include:

16 Framed panels featuring original gum advertisements and revealing advertising techniques and concepts
12 Framed and illustrated chewing / bubble gum history panels
8 Freestanding low-tech interactives feature:
  Bubblegum Classics Juke Box
  12 minute Wrigley Field VHS Presentation
  Pick N Chews Sensory Station
  Garbage Pail Kids Transmutation Station
  Fun Gum Board
  Etiquette Rules Blow
  Glow in the Dark Bubble Gum Haunted House
  Gum Toppers
10 Gum Packed Display Cases
1 Gift Shop
Security: Moderate
Square Feet: Approximately 1,500 square feet
Shipping: Standard / Paid by host institution / Weight to be determined
Cost: $15,000 participation fee for an 12 week exhibition period. / $2,500 Deposit
Special Requirements: Four electrical outlets, China walls for panel displays,
minimum of 3-4 people for installation / takedown
Note: Installation, dismantling, packing, loading, and adequate storage of crates for the exhibit are the responsibility of the host institution.

Tour Begins January 2013

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