Did John Dillinger really have a pack of Dentyne gum in his pocket on the day of his deadly demise?
John Dillinger
Dentyne Gum
It's a possibility. Anna Sage, the infamous "Lady in Red" had been known to pass out samples of Dentyne gum on the sidewalks of New York.
What is the relative length of 40 Titanics, 88 Godzillas, 122 football fields, or 25 Empire State Buildings?
Gary Duschl's Guinnesss World Record Gum Wrapper Chain. You might say he's all wrapped up in his passion. Visit

Gary Duschl
Where might you find this little IMP hiding in 1940?
Disguised as a gumball dispensing radio, this counter game was really a slot machine. Underneath the radio dial spun three reels. A penny play and three of a kind could win you a 15-cent pack of cigarettes.
What do Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass and the Mexican Shuffle have in common?
Teaberry Gum
Teaberry Gum of course. One of the first great Tijuana Brass hits was helped to fame by being part of a chewing gum commercial in 1964 known as the Teaberry Shuffle. Who says you can't dance and chew gum at the same time?

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