Terri Meier, Curator of the Chewing Gum Chronicles Exhibit, wanted a logo with a real "Keep on Chewing" attitude. The character designed by Modern Dog Design was perfect. But was it too familiar with author and cartoonist Robert Crumb's "Zap Comix" series featuring an old blues phrase from the 1930s "Keep on Truckin'" accompanied by a cartoon character with a tiny head, funky old clothes and huge clodhoppers, strutting down the street? With little hesitation, Meier decided to write Robert Crumb for permission. You can view his letter to her at right:


The desire to chew is a haunting question. Be it nervous energy,
relaxation, card collecting, weight loss or saving the rain forest,
history has proven our willingness to chew just about anything!

CHEWING GUM CHRONICLES EXHIBIT examines and explores the history,
marketing techniques, advertising, and industrial giants that revolutionized the
World's chewing gum population. Keeping one step ahead of juvenile
boredom inspired manufacturers to produce a unique and bizarre line of novelty
gum products few sundries will ever experience.

CHEWING GUM CHRONICLES EXHIBIT transcends age and cultural
boundaries. Visitors are enticed to view an extensive 25 year gum collection,
stimulate their senses with eight interactive displays, and expand their
knowledge of mastication to new heights. Sixteen framed panels portray a
scrumptious collection of authentic chewing gum advertisements dating back
to the early 1900s. Gum Art, Gum Etiquette, Foreign Gum, and Guiness World
Record Gum Holders are not forgotten in the exhibit. No gum fact is left

CHEWING GUM CHRONICLES EXHIBIT is prepared to convince the visitor to
incorporate chewing gum and historically significant in the same sentence.
They will never say "It's just a stick of gum" again.

Not since Walter Diemer invented Dubble Bubble has an event been more
refreshing and exhilarating. Don't miss this opportunity to blow your visitor's
mind and saturate them in America's one and only "POP" Cultural

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